Why Bunny Manure Is GREAT for Growing Hemp


We love our bunnies! They are so cute and soft and easy going. And they provide easy relaxation therapy. But the primary reason we decided to raise bunnies is because their droppings are fantastic for fertilizing our hemp plants. Here are just a few reasons we love to use our bunny manure as we grow hemp (published by Michigan State University):

  • “Rabbit manure has four times more nutrients than cow or horse manure and is twice as rich as chicken manure. Cow, horse and chicken manure are considered “hot” and need to be composted (well-rotted) to use as fertilizers.” In other words, it won’t burn the plants, even when used fresh.

  • Rabbit droppings hemp improve the soil in various ways. It helps improve drainage as well as helping the soil retain moisture. It also supports health of worms and microorganisms in the soil (for example, bacteria, fungi, and algae). When we use rabbit manure on our hemp plants, we’re spreading long-term love on our soil.

  • Pretty much odorless!

  • It’s like a major multi-vitamin for the soil. To quote Michigan State University: “Rabbit manure is packed with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, minerals and micronutrients. It contains beneficial trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, manganese, sulfur, copper and cobalt, just to name a few.”

Bunnies Help with Our Overall Hemp Mission

Our vision is to grow hemp organically and sustainably so we can bring YOU the highest quality hemp products possible. Raising our own bunnies and using their droppings helps us accomplish our mission to contribute to your wellbeing through our products.

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Sara Sheeler