Greenhouse Progress Update

Greenhouse 5-10.jpg

It’s Friday, May 10th. The first greenhouse is starting to come together. Many thanks to our awesome employees and everyone helping with this project! We firmly believe that our new greenhouses will help us grown the highest-quality hemp possible. We do many things to contribute to this goal including consciously and consistently nurturing our soil, which is fundamental to growing good plants. However, with more people growing hemp this year than ever before, we are highly concerned about unintentional cross breeding. Since hemp plants cross breed via the wind, using greenhouses will help us keep our strains pure and unseeded. Other benefits of using greehouses to grown hemp are extending the growing season, controlling temperature, and protecting against other airborne contaminants. To ensure that our efforts were effective, we do third-party testing for contaminants as well as CBD and THC levels. Our goal is to create the highest quality hemp products possible. Check out our tinctures, salves, and soaps here.

Sara Sheeler