Greenhouse Progress Update
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It’s Friday, May 10th. The first greenhouse is starting to come together. Many thanks to our awesome employees and everyone helping with this project! We firmly believe that our new greenhouses will help us grown the highest-quality hemp possible. We do many things to contribute to this goal including consciously and consistently nurturing our soil, which is fundamental to growing good plants. However, with more people growing hemp this year than ever before, we are highly concerned about unintentional cross breeding. Since hemp plants cross breed via the wind, using greenhouses will help us keep our strains pure and unseeded. Other benefits of using greehouses to grown hemp are extending the growing season, controlling temperature, and protecting against other airborne contaminants. To ensure that our efforts were effective, we do third-party testing for contaminants as well as CBD and THC levels. Our goal is to create the highest quality hemp products possible. Check out our tinctures, salves, and soaps here.

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Why Grow in Greenhouses?
Some of our greenhouse materials

Some of our greenhouse materials

“Why are you using greenhouses?,” a local horticulturist asked. He was raised here and has extensive experience growing things in our climate, but he was unfamiliar with hemp. “Our goal is to grow the highest quality hemp possible. Healthy soil is a huge focus for us because anything in the soil will end up in the plant. With greenhouses, we can control light, temperature, and humidity to create optimal growing conditions. We can extend our growing season by several months, too. Also, many people are growing different strains of hemp and hemp pollinates through the wind. Any hemp within twenty miles can cross-pollinate. We want to prevent cross-pollination to keep our strains pure.”

Our two high-tech greenhouses arrived a couple days ago and we’re excited to put them up on the big farm. It will take about a month to get them set up. Luis is heading the group of guys in doing the physical work to put everything together correctly.

Why all the trouble? Because we want to produce the absolute best hemp we can so that our tinctures, salves, and other products that support your well-being in the best way possible.

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Prepared soil

Prepared soil

More greenhouse materials

More greenhouse materials

Sara Sheeler
Why Bunny Manure Is GREAT for Growing Hemp

We love our bunnies! They are so cute and soft and easy going. And they provide easy relaxation therapy. But the primary reason we decided to raise bunnies is because their droppings are fantastic for fertilizing our hemp plants. Here are just a few reasons we love to use our bunny manure as we grow hemp (published by Michigan State University):

  • “Rabbit manure has four times more nutrients than cow or horse manure and is twice as rich as chicken manure. Cow, horse and chicken manure are considered “hot” and need to be composted (well-rotted) to use as fertilizers.” In other words, it won’t burn the plants, even when used fresh.

  • Rabbit droppings hemp improve the soil in various ways. It helps improve drainage as well as helping the soil retain moisture. It also supports health of worms and microorganisms in the soil (for example, bacteria, fungi, and algae). When we use rabbit manure on our hemp plants, we’re spreading long-term love on our soil.

  • Pretty much odorless!

  • It’s like a major multi-vitamin for the soil. To quote Michigan State University: “Rabbit manure is packed with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, minerals and micronutrients. It contains beneficial trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, manganese, sulfur, copper and cobalt, just to name a few.”

Bunnies Help with Our Overall Hemp Mission

Our vision is to grow hemp organically and sustainably so we can bring YOU the highest quality hemp products possible. Raising our own bunnies and using their droppings helps us accomplish our mission to contribute to your wellbeing through our products.

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Why Did George Washington Grow Hemp?
George-Washington-as-Farmer. 1200 wide.jpg

As a farmer, George Washington grew a variety of crops, including hemp. In fact, he refers to hemp around ninety times in his diaries. At the beginning, he was hoping it would become a lucrative cash crop, but in the end, he decided to invest in growing wheat as a cash crop. However, he still raised hemp on all five of the farms that are a part of Mount Vernon. He used hemp to make canvas, clothing, rope, and to repair fishing nets.

In May 2018, horticulturists planted hemp on Mount Vernon once again. They began harvesting in late August.

Other Uses of Hemp

George Washington used hemp to make things like rope and clothing, and we’re happy to see people now using hemp for those reasons and many more. It can be used for

Full Spectrum Hemp Products

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Farm Bill

Two Bears Hemp went live today, and the Farm Bill made it through the Senate. So many people will have access to information and hemp products that will allow them to make their own decisions about their health. Despite all of the political hoopla that swirls around, I am taking a moment to thank the Senate for helping to decriminalize hemp. It will help us to save our health, our farmers, our soil, and maybe even our economy.