who we are

My name is Sara Sheeler and I’d like to share my story with you.


When i was much younger I put myself in charge of my own preventative healthcare (within reason of needing urgent care of course). Honestly, this was in part because we often didn’t have health insurance or the money to spend on doctor visits and prescriptions. I also loved the idea of being self-reliant. I am not advocating that you not seek medical care when it is needed, but we all have the ability to proactively take charge of our health.

In 2016 I was introduced to hemp. Our farm is located in Durango, Colorado, and we put in a test plot to see if hemp would be happy growing in our soil. It was. In 2017 we planted 25 acres of hemp, and let’s just say I learned a lot. The plan was to harvest thousands of pounds of flower, sell it to an extractor, and walk away happy.

Instead, the monsoon rains failed, we had the 416 fire that poured ash into our irrigation water, and harvesting flower is harder than it sounds. At the end of the season, we harvested only 350 pounds of dried hemp flower. While 350 pounds of flower is respectable, it isn’t enough to sell to an extractor. We were careful to grow the hemp organically with no chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizer. Our lab results were great and we tested below .3% TCH with respectable CBD levels depending on the strain. What next?

My husband and I are Marine Corps veterans, so retreat is not an option. He suggested that I extract and process the flower to make tincture and topicals. Now we’re talking! All those years of making soap, extracts, and my own health products finally paid off. Luckily, I had many of the prerequisite skills to turn hemp flower into hemp oil so I learned the process pretty quickly. Now I make tincture, soap, salve and have plans to make massage lotion and edible gummies. Those that I have shared my products with immediately love them, and since I love making the products, we’re in business.